The Need Of a New System

New museum systemRequest an online demonstrationMuseums are the only institutions, which collect, store, and expose objects with historical, cultural, and scientific significance. Their work is exceptionally valuable, although not an easy one. The huge amount of data should be captured and systemized.

The paper catalogues are quite limited and expensive option, because of the high prices for print and the low circulation. New, more efficient method is needed. It could be found in the latest technologies and, to be more accurate, in the digitization of the cataloging systems.

The cataloging systems are means for easy popularization of high volume of content, which needs to be updated on regular basis. Thus, it will become more accessible and could reach wider audience, regardless of its location.     

The search process of the computer catalogues is extremely easy. There is no need to spend hours looking at pages and searching among thousands of catalogue numbers.  Now you could find what you are looking for only with several clicks of the mouse.

The web-based cataloging system also ensures security of the data and the objects stored. The negative effects in case of theft, fire or natural disaster are minimized.  

The cultural significance of the exhibitions will increase – documenting an object enriches its value, results in better understanding of its uniqueness, and makes its popularization easier.

The new system, of course, could be used for the study not only of single objects, but also of entire collections, projects and publications. It could facilitate people’s efforts to plan and organize exhibitions. 

A well systemized computer catalogue will allow the museums to compare each other’s possessions and to create joint exhibitions or launch research programs.

The quality of the field work and on site work (in the museums) will be increased too. The inquiries will be answered faster, which will automatically enhance the reputation of the cultural institutions.

These basic characteristics of the cataloging system will change the traditional perception of museums. The cataloging system will bring back the significance of the museums and facilitate their future development.

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