Cataloging System For Libraries

Cataloging System For LibrariesRequest an online demonstrationThe first libraries have been discovered in temple rooms in Sumer (around 2600 BC). No matter how much they have changed since then, they continue to carry out the same function, namely, to preserve collected sources of information. The gathering and the storing of those resources require adequate methods and proper organization, which could be facilitated by our cataloging system.


The product could be used for cataloging of different types of objects – books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, sketches, video tapes, CDs, eBooks, etc.



The cataloging system could be used by all types of libraries:

•    national;
•    regional;
•    governmental;
•    private;
•    academic.

The system will facilitate the work of:

•    library directors;
•    library managers;
•    library staff;
•    authors of paper and electronic content;
•    students and tutors;
•    readers.

Brief description

With the help of the cataloging system for libraries you store information about:

•    resources and their authors;
•    date and method of collection;
•    physical location;
•    borrowings;
•    methods of storing;
•    classification;
•    others.

The digital catalogue allows the creation of:

•    dictionaries with terms, related to places;
•    locations;
•    notes for internal use, which are available in all languages, supported by the system;
•    associations of one resource with one or more resources of the same or another type;
•    summary of the information about each resource with the option to define public information;
•    record the information in PDF format;
•    others.


With the help of the system you will:
•    create and administer catalogues of high quality;
•    facilitate the work process;
•    promote the library activities;
•    enhance the significance of the library materials and the library as an institution.