Cataloging System

Cataloging system


The purpose of the system is to create catalogue records and to rationally manage collections of all types and sizes – historical, anthropological, ethnographic, natural science, art, literary, documentary, tourist, archival, library, photographic, etc.

It is a modular solution to all problems, related to the activities of your museum, gallery, library, archive, municipality or private collection. The system allows you to easily organize collection data; record, store and present valuable objects and materials; manage the work process, etc.

The product is easily accessible, comprehensible and secure. Its clear design, consistent interface and user-friendly menu will make your work much more efficient.

The cataloging systems saves all entered objects digitally and allows flexible configuration according to the needs of your collections.

The platform consists of two parts – administrative and public. Therefore, it could be used not only for managing and description, but also for presenting of objects, elements, events, places, dictionaries, and other materials to the wide public. The end result is a complex system with unlimited possibilities for further development.

Short overview of the functionalities of the system

In the digital catalogue you will find options for:
• adding, organization and managing of content – text and multimedia;
• certification;
• creating relations between the elements;
• ordering the elements hierarchically;
• incorporating records in other records;
• presenting and placing the objects on a map;
• providing opportunities for collaboration between experts from different areas of expertise;
• providing opportunity for users to look at items, including an additional option for creating individual collections;
• determine the access of users with administrative rights;
• ranking, labeling, commenting;
• independent use of the administrative and the public part;
• integration with already existing web-site;
• and others.

The product, which we offer, has been developed on a high-quality software framework. The framework is web-based, which significantly simplifies its use and maintenance. Furthermore, all its components have proper license, so there is no need for you to spend money on other type of software.

With its cataloging system “NIT-New Internet Technologies” Ltd. created a standard for exploring and managing the Bulgarian collections. It will help those collections to gain popularity and to strengthen their significance.

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